Top Nollywood Diva Finally Reveals Her 2 in 1 Secret to Looking Forever Young after 32 years of Acting.

Do you know that once a woman hits the prime age of 30 her whole body chemistry begins to change. 

Well growing old is part of life and the effects of Aging are well documented.

The only problem is that women tend to suffer the most in this process because of their unique metabolism. 

Let me explain this scientifically to you

Researchers at the Stanford University College of Women's Health revealed after 19 years of thorough research that due to consistent secretion of hormones and menstruation the female body is at huge risk of deteriorating faster.

And worst still is the operation of Free radical in the body system will leads to skin sagging and broken tissues especially around the face region and round the eyes leading to eye bags and wrinkled skin which many men say is very irritating.

If fact an online pool conducted 76% of men below 40 says they can't marry a woman with a wrinkled face.

It is very embarrassing when as a 35 year old... People think you're approaching 50.

Lets be frank you can't look your real age with wrinkles, eye bags and black spots. You definitely have to get rid of all that.

At this point I want to ask you a very important question.

What do you think makes All these old Nigerian actress look like 16 years

Olds after over 30years of acting. Should I mention names....

OK... Take a look at Rita Dominic you think God just blessed her with a fresh face?

Hehehehe...I laugh in Spanish.

What about Clarion Chukwuka or even Joke Sylva.

OK let me shock you... Take a look at Omotola and swear that her face remains young just by using Soap and Vaseline...

There is a secret these women know that they are hiding from you.

But that is all in the past...

Long Time Nollywood Actress Clarion Chukwuka finally exposes everything they keep as secret in this exclusive interview with top Nigerian newspaper.

She clearly stated that this is one of the best kept secret in the Nollywood industry but she is willing to expose it irrespective of any consequences.

In her own words she said... 

"We knew that we may not reign long if we grow old so fast and this will mean that our career will end so soon. 

So we (Myself and Liz Benson ) travelled abroad looking for the best anti-aging product to use and after a while we found the one that works wonders. 

When we combined it with another cream which I will also reveal...we knew we had found our jackpot to long time fame.

We then introduced it to just a few of our inner circle friends within the industry."

The others can use whatever they want whether it's from India or USA. We didn't care because when they begin to have dangerous side effects from using those sub standard product we decided to spend the cash to get the best result without any side effect whatsoever. 


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